eBIS Celebrates 10 Years In Business

eBISTM, a privately held strategy consulting and financial services solutions company, today marks the completion of its tenth year in the business of providing innovative services in investment management, financial risk quantification, and regulatory adherence. eBIS was founded in 2002 to bridge strategic ideas and business solutions in a market made increasingly complex by international risk and capital management legislation and advances in financial engineering. “Over the last ten years, eBIS has built a reputation for trusted strategic advisory services, insight to best practices, and robust solution development,” said eBIS president Pete Shannon. “Our teams have architected many valuable solutions, from a model to assess derivatives risk, to regulatory adherence in Basel I & II, to dimensional profitability insight for portfolio management and corporate finance. Along the way we’ve learned a lot. Being in the throes of change, as our industry has seen recently, certainly highlights the need to react and adapt quickly. That dynamic affirms our belief in flexibility: to client needs, and also in the solutions we architect.” The eBIS client list includes top ten international and U.S. financial institutions in commercial and retail banking, investment banking and asset management. eBIS strives for client satisfaction and long-term relationships, ones based in mutual hard work, accomplishment, and trust.


To celebrate our ten year milestone, and in the spirit of learning and sharing information, which is the bedrock of our firm, eBIS provides financial services knowledge capital to those seeking it. Its corporate web site provides documentation on various best practices in areas such as data warehousing and Basel II adherence through its Knowledge Center. It also provides a custom financial services news portal, filtering finance and technology related news stories by category from content providers across the web, available on its website or through RSS for consumption in a news aggregator or mobile device.


“The financial services market is now facing another wave of risk management challenges and global financial regulation,” said Shannon and adds, “eBIS stands ready to continue to generate ideas and provide guidance, helping companies and regulatory entities make informed decisions. We want our web content to contribute to this end, and look forward to continuing to help clients navigate change with our consulting services. We’re sure the next 10 years will prove at least as challenging as the last, and we hope as much fun. We sincerely thank our clients and partners for the opportunities to work with them.”


About eBIS
eBIS is a privately held investment consulting and financial services solutions company with over 10 years of experience in bridging gaps between strategic ideas and business solutions. Leveraging understanding of both financial risks and solutions that can quantify and mitigate them, eBIS partners with clients to deliver value-added business insight. eBIS specializes in strategic investment advisory services, risk architecture engineering and analytics modeling using proven best practices, reusable solution toolkits and innovative problem solving. The company’s client list includes top ten international and U.S. financial institutions in commercial and retail banking, investment banking and asset management, as well as small businesses and individual investors. www.ebis.biz