eBIS Delivers Retirement Plan Fiduciary Services

eBISTM, a privately held, independent investment strategy consulting and financial services solutions company, announces the delivery of a comprehensive set of fiduciary services tailored to defined contribution retirement plans (401(k), 403(b), 457).  The unbundled service offerings allow plan sponsors, be they corporations (401(k) plans), non-profit entities (403(b) plans), or government entities (457 plans), to customize adoption to their specific needs.  With services ranging from full §3(38) fiduciary investment management paired with employee education and investment advice to point consulting on areas such as benchmarking analysis and fiduciary program management, sponsors can choose a set of services suited to them.  Importantly, eBIS offers the service of regulatory adherence consulting, providing key advice to sponsors for compliance on ERISA and PPA legislation and Department of Labor regulations.


As with all of eBIS’s offerings, the focus is on innovation: thinking differently to generate ideas and deliver solutions that aren’t widely available in the marketplace, providing a differentiated employee benefit to plan sponsors. With a tightening labor market, companies need ways to attract and retain top talent, and their retirement plan, if structured well, can act as a marketing tool.  eBIS president Pete Shannon commented, “We feel the retirement plan industry deserves greater innovation.  Most plans offer a core fund lineup of stock and bond funds, and, if it is above average, balanced or target date funds.  The problem: none of these financial products consider the employee’s circumstances.  Employees deserve investment solutions tailored to their individual needs, delivered by an independent fiduciary free from conflicts of interest.  Our solution focuses a keen eye on the retirement readiness of each employee, through appropriate investment menu construction, investment advice, employee financial education, and plan program management.  Focusing on the individual makes the employee feel valued.  It can make a big difference in HR retention and recruiting.”


Just as importantly, employers need to deliver retirement security to plan participants.  Shannon added, “eBIS fiduciary services offer particular value to plan sponsors because of our experience in risk management.  With over ten years helping institutional clients quantify and manage their portfolio risks, we offer sponsors a unique perspective on the flavors of risk that can negatively affect employee retirement readiness.  We offer sophisticated investment solutions that employ a wide range of asset classes suited to varying risk tolerances and return goals.  This approach can help manage downside portfolio risk, bringing risk management techniques to the individual employee that have historically been reserved for large institutional and private wealth investors.  If we can help lower investment risk, improve compound returns over time, and raise savings rates, the employee wins.  Retirement shouldn’t be a pipe dream.  With proper retirement plan management and diligent savings, it doesn’t have to be.  We think it’s time to level the playing field.  Every single worker in our country deserves institutional-quality investment ideas applied to their retirement deferrals.  A core corporate mission of ours is to help average Americans reach their retirement goals.”


As a true independent fiduciary, eBIS has no affiliations to financial products or 3rd party asset managers, eliminating conflicts of interest.  All client relationships are fee-only and clearly documented.


For more information on the complete set of eBIS’s retirement plan services, please click here.


About eBIS
eBIS is a Registered Investment Adviser, specializing in investment management, financial planning, and retirement plan fiduciary services.  Since 2002, we’ve delivered solutions that help our clients implement sound investment portfolios, understand embedded risks, and improve risk-adjusted returns in a regulatory compliant manner.  We strive to build bridges between strategic ideas and realized solutions by asking questions, generating consensus, and communicating in terms everyone can understand.  We deliver solutions that are flexible, scalable, and adaptable as your situation changes. The company’s client list includes top ten international and U.S. financial institutions in commercial and retail banking, investment banking and asset management, as well as small and medium-sized businesses and individual investors.  www.ebis.biz