eBIS is part of a niche in professional services: the industry-specific firms and consultants who have developed expertise in highly specialized areas. We fill the consulting need many institutions encounter when trying to bridge business need and solution. Is your corporate executive team looking for a partner to chart a path to regulatory adherence? Are your business experts having a difficult time conceptualizing a delivery vehicle for improved risk-adjusted investment portfolio performance? Is your team struggling to comprehend complex financial products and enable them for business benefit? Our resources specialize in these areas, bringing people together for better business outcomes.

The initiatives that we engage in are often complex from multiple sides, the confluence of arcane academic theory, sophisticated financial modeling and layers of technologies and service providers that must integrate seamlessly. They are initiatives that demand highly skilled resources with innovative minds. To help our clients, we often engage our partnership network. Through careers dedicated to the financial services industry, we’ve built a network of partners upon whom we call when client needs arise. Moreover, unlike some consultancies that move resources across industry verticals, we use professionals who specialize in this industry, leveraging their depth of knowledge in the analysis and delivery of financial services solutions.

Is yours a small firm specializing in our areas of financial services?   Are you a professional services expert in an area complimentary to our core consulting business?  Please check our current resource needs and submit an online application.  Or, contact us about becoming a preferred partner in our network.