eBIS News Portal

eBISTM, privately held strategy consulting and financial services solutions company, today launched the first news portal focused on the financial services industry. The portal parses and filters news from over 50 sources to help financial services professionals from technologists to executive management stay abreast of industry news, best practices and technology trends.  The portal enables users to track news in the areas of regulatory compliance, financial risk, asset management, data warehousing and performance management analytics, in addition to other areas.  Users can view the news content by category directly on the eBIS web site, or subscribe to its RSS feed and view the content through a web-based news aggregator or mobile device.

“Through our experience in financial services, eBIS recognized the unmet need for news targeting this important niche audience,” said Pete Shannon, eBIS president, about the launch of the innovative news portal on the company’s web site. “Many people spend hours scouring the Internet for news relevant to our field.  I know I do, and we wanted eBIS to provide a tool to distribute relevant, timely content, categorized by area of interest.  For the first time, professionals focused on the quickly evolving arena of financial services can easily find the news they need in one place.  We hope people will benefit from it.”

Additional Detail:

The eBIS news portal is organized by the following categories:

  • Top Financial Stories
  • Asset Management
  • Banking
  • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence
  • Financial Minds
  • Financial Products
  • Financial Reporting Standards
  • Financial Risk & Performance Management Analytics
  • Geopolitical & International RegulationInsurance
  • Technology News in Financial Services
  • US Regulation

Each category contains a daily list of the top news stories in that area, along with a short summary of each news item and the ability to link to the full story as published by the content originator. Unlike other portals, users also have the ability to search for historical news items and filter news content by key word or category.  To experience the new eBIS news portal, please visit www.ebis.biz

About eBIS
eBIS is a privately held investment consulting and financial services solutions company with over 10 years of experience in bridging gaps between strategic ideas and business solutions. Leveraging understanding of both financial risks and solutions that can quantify and mitigate them, eBIS partners with clients to deliver value-added business insight. eBIS specializes in strategic investment advisory services, risk architecture engineering and analytics modeling using proven best practices, reusable solution toolkits and innovative problem solving. The company’s client list includes top ten international and U.S. financial institutions in commercial and retail banking, investment banking and asset management, as well as small businesses and individual investors. www.ebis.biz