eBIS is a financial services solutions company. Since 2002, we've delivered solutions that help our clients implement sound investment portfolios, understand embedded risks, meet regulatory requirements, improve profitability, and operate more efficiently. We build bridges between strategic ideas and business solutions by asking questions, generating concensus, and communicating in terms everyone can understand.

The financial services industry has become increasingly complex, with explosive growth in investment products, risk mitigation techniques, and regulatory oversight.  This development presents opportunities to those who can adapt quickly, avoiding the pitfalls of Wall St. financial engineering while embracing beneficial innovation.  At eBIS, we strive to be a trusted advisory partner on your journey through change, building solutions tailored to your needs.  First, we generate ideas through the lens of risk management in its many forms: risk-adjusted returns, correlation, mean variance optimization, capital allocation.  Then, we implement business solutions that are flexible, scalable, and scoped to your needs. 

We generate great ideas that lead to innovative solutions.  The result?  Improved portfolio performance, financial insight, and employee success.

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