eBIS Financial Forums

eBISTM, privately held strategy consulting and financial services solutions company, launched Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) forums in the second half of 2008 to create a community for financial professionals to share ideas, discuss industry trends and gather information in the analytic applications space.  With over 10 participating financial institutions, the periodic forums facilitate dialogue among institutions with common goals, with eBIS providing subject area expertise and research in addition to topical guidance.

In particular, the forums afford an opportunity to discuss industry and regulatory events, their effect on business operations and specific software solutions needed to manage risk.  eBIS president Pete Shannon said, “Based on the breadth of the companies represented on the calls – from major asset management institutions to the world’s largest business software company to U.S. and global commercial and retail banks in the top ten – eBIS has created an important and useful forum for financial services institutions dealing with today’s profitability reporting and risk management challenges.”

Topics covered in the forums include software options for risk and profitability related solutions in addition to strategic approaches and best practices for data acquisition, logical data storage, analytic processing and reporting.  In one forum, Oracle representatives provided direct input on roadmaps to Oracle’s varied product offerings and upcoming FusionTM platform, generating spirited dialogue, valuable insight into customer preferences and ideas for product direction.  In another forum, eBIS presented an analysis of the competitive landscape in data warehouse and risk analytics software. Reaction to the forums from senior members of participating institutions has been positive: “Yes, the conference call was useful.  Thanks for including us, and please continue to do so!” “Great discussion today!” “A wonderful start and I was chastised over here for not inviting more folks.” “It was definitely worthwhile.”

Added Pete Shannon, “In view of the richness of the ideas, comments and feedback we’re hearing in the forums, eBIS will seek to formalize opportunities with enterprise software vendors to synthesize this input.  We can present a single voice to influence product strategy, using input from these important companies in the financial services industry, as well as our own experience in this domain.  Both financial and software firms can benefit from the ideas generated during these discussions if they are actioned in a meaningful way.”

About eBIS
eBIS is a privately held investment consulting and financial services solutions company with over 10 years of experience in bridging gaps between strategic ideas and business solutions. Leveraging understanding of both financial risks and solutions that can quantify and mitigate them, eBIS partners with clients to deliver value-added business insight. eBIS specializes in strategic investment advisory services, risk architecture engineering and analytics modeling using proven best practices, reusable solution toolkits and innovative problem solving. The company’s client list includes top ten international and U.S. financial institutions in commercial and retail banking, investment banking and asset management, as well as small businesses and individual investors. www.ebis.biz